Small Business Spotlight

In response to the State of North Carolina phasing in the easing of restrictions on businesses, we have decided to offer a page dedicated to advertising small businesses to help them gain new customers.  Currently this page is 100% free.  If you would like your business added to this page, please email us at or give me a call at 336-567-7429.  You can also go to our website and go to our contacts page and submit a form.  All you will be requested to do is send us a picture of your business card and a brief description of your business and we will add it to the page on our site.  Again, you will not be expected to pay anything for this.  We are doing this to promote small businesses that can ultimately boost local economy.  The only restriction is that we will not promote any form of pyramid sales.  We also reserve the right to take down this page when we find it necessary and we will not allow anything that can be found obscene, hateful, or inappropriate.  This is a good opportunity for someone whose business is just starting or would like to take advantage of free advertising.  The page is currently live you will find it at so keep checking for updates and businesses that will be added.  Thanks, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.