Please see below for all the services that RCS provides.  If you have any questions or would like to submit a request, please click on the Contact button to submit a form or you can call us at (336) 567-7429.  

  • Apple Computers: We support a wide range of Apple products, from hardware to software.  If your Apple is having issues, we can fix it.
  • Computer Repair: When machines are constantly being used, they tend to wear out.  That's where we come in.  Whether it's your desktop/laptop or your company's server, we can fix them.  However, there are machines that just can't be fixed due to being out dated or badly damaged.  If this is the case, we also offer sales.  We can provide you with a new or refurbished machine and transfer your files to your new machine.
  • Contracts: Does your business need more than the occasional help with I.T.?  RCS provides custom contracts to support all your I.T. needs.  Unlike most businesses we don't offer several confusing contracts to pick from.  We provide one contract that is completely custom to your needs.  You decide what you want, and we will provide you with a solution.
  • Data Recovery: Accidents happen.  Whether you accidentally deleted some priceless family photos or accidentally deleted important company documents, RCS is here to help.  We can bring back files that you thought were once long gone.  We use the same software that detectives use to retrieve data from machines when doing cyber forensics.  It can be a long process at times depending on the amount of data lost.  However, if there is physical damage to the drive, the data may not be retrievable.
  • E-Waste Recycling: Does your business or home have an excessive amount of broken or unused technology.  Don't worry were here to help.  RCS is now accepting E-Waste.  Prices are determined on the amount that needs to be picked up.  Just give us a call or go to the contact page and submit a request form.  In the subject field just type E-Waste and then in the message field write a brief description of what it is that you have, and someone will contact you with more information.
  • I.T. Consulting:  If your business is expanding and you’re in need of putting together an I.T. department, or your current I.T. department is struggling in some way, RCS can help you.  With Jon's experience working in corporate environments utilizing ITIL he can help you find and resolve your issues as well as build your department from scratch.
  • Networking: Whether you’re having connection issues or you need a network setup, we are here to help.  We provide support for both home and office networks.
  • OS Installation: Whether you need to upgrade your OS, start from scratch, or you are planning to migrate your business's computers over to the latest OS, we can get your licenses as well as perform the required tasks.
  • Sales: We sale both new and refurbished laptops and desktops as well as many other items.  Let us know what you need, and we will get you a quote.  Check out our sales page to see what we currently have available in stock.  If it’s not in stock, let us know and we can order it for you.
  • Software Installation: Not all software is easy to install.  If you are struggling to get something installed or having problems with it working let us know.  We will find the problem and get it installed for you.
  • Upgrades: If your computer is slow, and you want to speed things up or if you have an old OS that needs to be updated, we can help you turn your old computer into a much faster machine.
  • Virus Removal: Did your computer catch a nasty virus?  RCS is here to help.  No matter how bad the virus we can remove it from your computer and provide you with an affordable antivirus to help you keep those viruses at bay.  We have also been successful at removing ransomware from machines and restoring the data that it encrypted.
  • Web Design: Are you ready to take that next step in marketing?  With your own website your business will reach more potential customers as well as have a more professional look. We will provide you with your own custom website designed specifically for your business.  We also provide photography, photo editing, and graphic designs for your website.  This way you will have custom pictures and graphics on your website that will help you stand out from the crowd.  We also provide Web contracts where we can provide you with marketing and monthly maintenance on your website to keep it up to date.  If you choose our contract for web design, we will even throw in your hosting for free.
  • Web Hosting: Whether you are a freelance web designer, or your business has its own developers we can provide you with the hosting service that best suites you.  We can provide our customers with fair rates and extremely fast services.  Our servers are top of the line and running LiteSpeed which is 9X faster than Apache.  By choosing us to host your websites you will get extremely fast load times as well as an easy to use control panel.  We also offer a free SSL certificate for each of our plans and we don't throttle your monthly bandwidth.  Click on the Web Hosting button at the top of the page for more information.