We sale everything from network hardware to completely custom gaming computers that will blow your mind.

Resolution Computer Services takes pride in the products we sale.  We can provide you with custom gaming computers to network hardware that can speed up your home or office network.  We can also provide you with some of the older hardware.  We are always looking for computers to refurbish and sale as well as hardware.  That means we also will purchase your used equipment.  Prices will vary based on the condition of the item.  Our sales department is new so we are currently limited as to what we have in stock however that does not mean we cannot get it.  We have many connections so if there is something you just cannot find or something we may not have on hand, we typically can get it for you.  One of our most interesting items is our custom computers.  We can build you a computer that will completely blow your mind.  From basic budget computers to hardcore gaming computers.  Since our sales department is new, we are looking for more items we can purchase.  We are looking for everything from computers to gaming consoles.  Again, our prices for payout are based on the condition and age of the items.  We are currently building up an inventory so a catalog will go up once we have set this up.  So, check back for updates or give us a call if there is something you need.

We will be selling the following items:

  • Custom Gaming Computers
  • Game Consoles
  • Games
  • Network Hardware
  • New Computers
  • Refurbished Computers

To schedule an appointment or to ask a question please click the Contact button to submit a contact form.  If you need immediate assistance or would like to speak with us please call us at (336) 567-7429.