Computer Repair

Resolution Computer Services has professional experience in repairing all brands of computers!

Resolution Computer Services has been providing computer repair professionally for 15 years.  We have what it takes to repair your device.  Whether it was accidentally broken, had something spilled on it, or just had a part wear out we can fix it.  We repair desktops, laptops, servers, Apple desktops, and laptops.  We can also replace your laptop screens as well as your all in one screens.  We can also help you out if you would just like preventative maintenance done to your computer.  This process consists of checking the hardware for any damages or signs of wear, we then proceed to clean the devices internals from dust as well as repair any broken or worn parts.  This process will prolong your computers life as well as keep its appearance looking new.  This process is very convenient as it will save you time and money.  Do you have an older computer that is no longer supported?  If you do then we have good news!  We also specialize in repairing retro computers.  This does not happen often however there is still a need in these types of repairs as some factories still utilize older machines to run equipment and software that is either too expensive to replace or is no longer made.  There is no job to big or small as we provide support for both residential and commercial customers.

Resolution Computer Services Provides the Following Repairs:

  • All In One Desktops
  • Apple Desktops
  • Apple Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Retro Computers
  • Screens
  • Servers
Computer Repair

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